Sept 1st, 2021  |  Yo! It’s been a wee while since my last post about the mighty Sir Reg from Sweden. Today it’s just a quick update about what’s been goin’ on in the Celtic Punk author’s world of late.

☘️ ☘️ ☘️

I’ve been nominated!

First some good news! As the author of Folk Springs Eternal, I’ve been nominated for the 2021 Author Elite Awards! ❤ I’m verra happy aboot that, ye ken. Voting’s open until October 20th, so if ye’d like to vote for me, all ya gotta do is this:

  1. Click HERE;
  2. Go to page 8;
  3. Vote for “Folk Springs Eternal” 👍


Next book

I’ve also been thinkin’ o’ ideas for book #2. It’s been a year now since “Folk Springs” came out, so it’s high time I cracked on with a second effort. I’ve decided it’s gonna be a collection o’ short stories – about Celtic punk, of course. 😉☘️ I willnae give too much away just yet, but here’s what some o’ the stories’ll be aboot:

  1. A bunch o’ folk musicians who hate the real world, and come up with an over-the-top solution. 😉
  2. A pub like something out of Treasure Island – with all the right music.
  3. Two Celtic punk fans drinkin’ a Guinness outside a pub, while…er…chaos erupts in the street. 😁


Yep – although I’ve been nominated for an award, I ain’t lettin’ it go to me head. 😉 I’m lookin’ forward to writin’ ’em, and you’ll be lookin’ forward to readin’ ’em , I hope. Best way to keep up to date is here, or join my mailing list.


The Gaelic

Scottish Gaelic ain’t the easiest of languages. Indeed, it’s a very old language, with no one word for “yes” or “no”! But I been stickin’ with it, and progress is slow but steady. That’s the best way to approach a new language, even for an old linguist and word nerd like me. There are always several ways to learn a language – the textbook, online stories, videos, and more. I’m tryin’ to do what we should all do in life – mixing the fun with the obligation, ye ken. Life has its obligations, sham, but if ya lose the fun then ya lose hope, and that ain’t a good thing. An-dràsta tha mi ag èisteachd ri sgeulachd mu dheidhinn na Seumasaich. Bha cath ann an Cromdhail, ann an 1690, agus ‘s e sin cuspair na sgeulachd.

There 😁 If that ain’t 100% correct, it’s close, hehe.


Thank ye for readin’, and for supportin’ the Celtic punk author. I’ll be back wi’ Seasonal Spotlight #5! To check out the last one, click or tap Seasonal Spotlight #4.


Slàinte mhath agus mar sin leat

Andy x