July 31st, 2021  |  Hey, what’s the craic? 🍺 Time for instalment #4 of my “seasonal spotlight” series. Today I bring ye another top-notch bunch o’ folkers worth payin’ attention to ☘ My fourth guest in the series is a band by the name of SIR REG. You’re in for a fast ride wi’ these guys, so strap yourselves in!

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Now how I came across Sir Reg, I can hardly remember meself. But I’ll tell you this: they’re a 7-piece band from Köping, Sweden, led by an Irish frontman. Established in 2009, they been a-folkin’ the scene ever since with a brand of Celtic punk to rival all the old greats. Whether it be Flogging Molly, the Dropkicks or Fiddler’s Green…if ye like any o’ them, Sir Reg should be right up your sráide too 😉


Brendan Sheehy, leader of Sir Reg.

Brendan Sheehy, leader of Sir Reg.


The Underdogs

So, dear reader, why should you give a shit about some band from Sweden trying their hands at Celtic punk? Well, here it is: I seen many a band catapultin’ folk music into double-time with fast tempos and distortion pedals, so I has. But believe me, these guys sound really exciting. A writer for one Swedish magazine called them “the best band I have heard in the folk-rock scene for a long time”. I can understand that sentiment, so it is. And for proof, look nae further than their latest studio offering, 2018’s The Underdogs. The standout track has to be track #4, “Fight of Our Lives”, and this cleverly done video was made for it:



Crackin’ stuff, and an unexpected twist too! This is the album I been concentratin’ on the most recently, and I admit I need to check the earlier ones out more. But Sir Reg are a younger band than some, and doin’ their bit to keep the flame of folk-punk alive. And for that, they deserve our respect and recognition. Other recommended tracks from The Underdogs include “Cairbre” (an interestingly placed instrumental), the humorous “Stereotypical Drunken Feckin’ Irish Song”, and “Giving It Up (The Drink)”. The last o’ these is atop a Celtic punk playlist I’m a-curatin’ on Spotify – be sure to check its ass out here.


Bright past, bright future

Since their 2009 inception, the band ain’t done bad in terms of progress in the scene. All four albums came out to positive reviews, provin’ there’s plenty o’ life in ol’ folk-punk yet 😉 Got a fondness for the Irish accent, just like me? Well ye won’t be disappointed by Sheehy’s offering, which occasionally brings a smile to me own Sassenach ears. And thus far, the band has played some pretty awesome venues with the likes o’ Thin Lizzy, The Real McKenzies and The Mahones. Not three bad 👍

Despite that bastard pandemic that’s been rippin’ misery through the lives o’ many a musician, the band’s still here. And now, they’re lookin’ forward to the return o’ the live gigs and festivals. Currently published dates can be seen on their website, and while there ain’t many yet, that’s sure to change as life returns to some kind o’ normal.

“The plan was to 100% do this sort of music,” Sheehy confirmed in an interview. “We knew we’d be Celtic punkers from the get-go. And it goes down really well with the concertgoers!” Well, I look forward to seein’ this Swedish-Irish outfit in the flesh meself at some point. Probably when the pandemic has sufficiently fucked off 😉😜. A new tour, a new album, people jumpin’ around like bat shit at a gig… Bring on the future of Sir Reg!


So now…

…got a Spotify account? Get started on The Underdogs here. Like the first few songs? Then buy the album and support the band, ye ken 😉 Don’t like the band at all? Then ta dig i röven, as they say in Swedish 😉❤


Andy x


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