The online course for beginner entrepreneurs, by Andy Beck, the Celtic punk author!

Do you have a burning passion, and the desire to do more with it? Then get ready to take action and have success!

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The course continues with Module 4, where you will market your work the right way! Don’t attempt this module until you’ve completed the Intro module (see HERE) and Modules 2 and 3.

Marketing your work properly is crucial if you want to reach the right people, and get paid to do what you love. All too often, marketing is overlooked or rushed, leading to a lack of reach, a lack of success, and a whole lot of frustration and despondence.

Admittedly, marketing is an intimidating step, especially for those with little to no experience. That’s why Module 4 is split into two videos; in part 1, I prepare you mentally for marketing your work, so that you’ll have the best chance of succeeding. The right attitude will create the right result!

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