The online course for beginner entrepreneurs, by Andy Beck, the Celtic punk author!

Do you have a burning passion, and the desire to do more with it? Then get ready to take action and have success!

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The course continues with Module 3, where together, we will find you some accountability partners! Don’t attempt this module until you’ve completed the Intro module (see HERE) and Module 2.

Accountability is where you get like-minded people on your side! These people will do the following:

a. Push you to take action and achieve your goals;
b. Celebrate the wins with you;
c. Help you do better next time, if there are any goals that you didn’t achieve.

An accountability group is crucial to anyone with a strong passion and the courage to pursue it. Nobody should have to face their journey alone, and that includes you! Without accountability buddies to help you, you won’t reach your full potential. Or as Adidas once put it: “Alone we may be strong, but together we are always stronger.”

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