The online course for beginner entrepreneurs, by Andy Beck, the Celtic punk author!

Do you have a burning passion, and the desire to do more with it? Then get ready to take action and have success!

THIS IS MY NAME begins with a free Introduction module, see below.

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Video 1: Your Action Plan For Success



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Video 2: Mythbusting!


Click HERE for the slide deck from video 2.

To do your assignment from video 2, click HERE to get it in Word format, or click HERE to get it in PDF format. If need be, print the assignment off, fill it in by hand, and file it somewhere neatly.


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Video 3: Where Are We Going?


Click HERE to download the slide deck, including the full and blank mountain maps, from video #3.


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Video 4: Dealing With Setbacks


Click HERE to download the slide deck from video #4.


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The paid online course that follows, consists of the following four key modules:


NICHE | Define your passion and your “twist”. This will help you stand out online.

ACCOUNTABILITY | Find people who will hold you accountable to your Action Plan and goals.

MARKETING | Master online marketing, beginning with free traffic.

EARNINGS | Generate earnings and impact by doing what you love!


The full paid course is currently being re-filmed, module by module. Start HERE with Module 2, where we will define your niche!