Even From Here [EP]

Even From Here [EP]


Celtic folk rock EP by Cale β€” aka. Andy Beck, the Celtic punk author.

Do ya like tin whistles, banjos, single malt whisky and funny lyrics? Then these 5 self-written songs should suit ye πŸ˜‰

All copies signed by Andy. See below for more information.


Celtic folk rock EP by Cale.
Written and recorded after Andy left Berlin, the place where he fell in love with Irish music. The city has some decent Irish pubs, so check ’em out.

1. Come to the Irish Dance
2. A Pint o’ Stout (instrumental)
3. Liberation Song
4. Glaciers (instrumental)
5. Chinese Mandolin Deathtrack

All songs written, recorded and mixed by Cale (Andy Beck).
Additional vocals, engineering and recording on track #5 by Dean Ince.
Mastered by Lennart Jeschke @ Studio Export, Germany.
Photography and artwork by Kerstin SchmΓΌck and Dean Ince.

The copyright in this Celtic folk rock recording is owned by Cale (Andy Beck), ye ken. Unauthorised hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this recording is prohibited, so don’t be a gobshite now πŸ˜‰

Publishing and Β© 2017 Cale. All rights reserved.

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