November 4th, 2020

Well hello, people in lockdown-land! This month, I’m “sharing the love” again by shining a light on another collaborator. Last month it was Anthony and Marla from The Long & Short. This month, we fly solo with Karin Brauner. Here’s the low-down on this caring and hardworking lady—and, as always, the main reasons you should give a f*ck 😉

☘️ ☘️ ☘️

Reason #1: Karin helps people

Anyone who’s read Folk Springs Eternal, my novel about Celtic music, will know it’s more than just a novel. It talks about everyday psychological struggles, as endured by the four characters. It aims to give the creative entrepreneur a real kick up the ass. It aims to help them get clear on what they want from life.

And so does Karin.

Karin is a BACP-accredited (English: damn good) counsellor and psychotherapist who wants to help others. She wants to help them overcome issues in their everyday lives that are holding them back, and preventing them from unleashing their full, confident potential. So kinda like Folk Springs Eternal, see what I mean? 😉 Karin runs her own private counselling sessions, with over 15 years’ experience to offer, but she’s also done work for the all-important NHS. Pretty impressive and giving, right?

From her home in Brighton, one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the UK, Karin has also worked with autistic and neurodiverse people, and run workshops on separate things like blogging, and using affordable design tools like Lumen5 and Seriously, don’t you dare underestimate this last one, I swear by it. I’ll let Karin speak for herself a little more on this here video:



All in all, Karin Brauner has something to offer most people who wonder whether they’re doing what they really want in life. People wondering how they can grow in terms of strength and clarity. It’s certainly good to have a fellow entrepreneur and coach on my side, something that was completely new to me 4 years ago.

This leads us nicely into point #2…


Reason #2: Karin does Accountability

Another technique that Karin knows about, and employs at the right moments, is Accountability. I know I keep hammering on about this, but the power of Accountability really can’t be underestimated.

Accountability is basically where you surround yourself with people who believe in you (like Karin), rather than people who don’t. You all set goals for yourselves, and check in once a week to see how everyone’s getting on. In other words, you hold them accountable and they you. The chances of you achieving a goal are 65% higher if you’ve promised that goal to someone. Because you won’t want to let them down, right? Book an appointment to check in with that person, and the statistic goes up to a whopping 95%.

So like I said above, it’s good to have a coach on your side 😉 What I admire about Karin’s approach is the irreverent, what-the-hell attitude she sometimes gives off. Never afraid to ignore trends, Karin would probably get along well with Gus (or maybe Lin) in Folk Springs Eternal, I shouldn’t wonder…


Reason #3: Karin does culture

I already mentioned Brighton earlier—a hip, diverse place that the south of England can be proud of. Being a culture geek myself with a healthy respect for diversity, I’m happy to say that Karin brings her own slice of culture to el tablo (okay, I can’t speak Spanish). Originally born and raised down in Guatemala, Karin became a German citizen (so jealous!) in 2003, and decided to move to England in 2006. Since then, she hasn’t looked back, but she continues to counsel clients in her native Spanish as well as English.

Having another language is known for its cognitive benefits, and even for staving off that bastard illness known as dementia. So next time you’re thinking, “what’s the point in learning another language, when everyone else speaks English?” (unbelievable fact: 80% of the world DOESN’T), then maybe you’ll reconsider. Trust me, learning a foreign language is fun, and rewarding in so many ways.


…and finally, Reason #4: Karin wrote a book

I met Karin via the Author Academy Elite, based in Columbus, OH. That’s right, she’s a fellow author like yours truly. 20 Self-Care Habits is the name of her debut work, and it helps the reader to develop their strengths, use their resources, and generally improve their life. Karin wrote the book after learning what habits work for her and make her happy (happiness being that little, magical thing we could all use more of in this fucked-up world). Self-care is so crucial to our physical and mental well-being, and there’s no one way of achieving it, with different methods working for different people. Mindfulness meditation moves mountains for me. Doesn’t work for you? No problem, amigo.

But with 20 Self-Care Habits, Karin gives you the tools you’ll personally need to go from strength to strength in your own life. She also offers a Facebook group you can join for further support. Now that Karin’s with the Author Academy Elite, look out for her book to re-emerge in new, improved form too.

☘️ ☘️ ☘️

So all in all…

…I hope you enjoyed this wee account of an inspiring individual, and why I think you should care about her work. We need more inspiring individuals in this world of lost sheep. Be sure to drop by Karin’s website on if you want to learn more about her, ask any questions you have, book an appointment or just say hi. Be sure to check out her blog as well, where she’s been so kind to feature a series of posts about me and Folk Springs (you can catch the first of these HERE).

Look out for my December post, the last one from this most weird 2020! I’ve no idea what it’ll be about yet, other than that it will be brilliant as always (shameless? No idea what you’re talking about).


Take care, stay safe and stay sane

Andy x