August 21st, 2020

18 months ago, I resolved to write a novel indulging my love for Celtic music. If I had to name one song that’s been my constant companion during the writing, editing and production phases, it’s “If I Should Fall From Grace With God” by The Pogues. The London Irish legends penned a damn good one there, and the interlude between the choruses and verses gets my blood pumping every time.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the four-piece band depicted in my novel “Folk Springs Eternal” is heavily based on Shane MacGowan’s gang. Some other influences upon the band include The Tossers and The Mahones, the latter being from Canada, where my story is set (Nova Scotia, not Ontario, but who cares).

Getting excited

I have spent the past few months pushing through bloody lockdown by getting the book designed, printed and promoted. Now the release date of August 31st is approaching, and I’m getting excited. But the promotional work is always the trickiest and hardest slog; I’m currently trying everything from Facebook ads, Instagram posts and hosting a launch party (more on that below) to contacting semi-warm leads in Germany, Canada and my native UK. When I say “leads”, I’m talking online influencers, fellow folk novelists, Celtic musicians and employees of folk magazines. So basically, people who may perchance take a chance on me and my book.

I certainly believe in my work – not just the story, but its power to change lives. Can the example of Gus, Lin, Herman and Rash – four makeshift musicians from Atlantic Canada armed with folk instruments and a giant, beating heart – inspire others to kick their day job and make some money out of their own creative passions? Well, I believe it can! But the challenge is getting that message in front of the people who can relate. Who care.

Your support

I hope that you, the reader, care too. If that should be so, I’d be delighted if you could offer a little of your support, by sharing my message with others you know who have a weakness for handmade music with some individualist swagger. Here are some “shareables” and clickable links that I’ve been preparing for you:


Book trailer

Book link



Launch party link (September 1st 2020 | FREE)

Facebook launch group


Thanks for reading! Now my next post will be after the launch, with an update on how I’ve been getting on in terms of influence and impact. I’ll catch up with you then!

Folk springs eternal

Andy x