July 22nd, 2021Β  |Β  Alright, I might not be a pirate βš” But I been away a while, so I has πŸ˜‰ Recently I been tendin’ to the wee hoose in Scotland, and even readin’ Treasure Island, of all things. Anyway, I’ll get on with it: here’s what’s crackin’ in The Celtic Punk Author’s world!

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New pics up

First, as ye may have noticed, I been overhaulin’ this here website πŸ˜‰ I got me wife to take some new snaps o’ me countenance (English: face). And these ones reflect the world of Guinness, Irish pubs and writing stories a bit better than the last. So most o’ them are up – here’s one or two you ain’t seen yet though:


Music and a good time.

The Irish for music and a good time.


Me wit' Guinness and pen.

A pen, pad and pint o’ the black – what more do ye need?


New stories

Yep, you read correctly! It’s been a wee while since Folk Springs Eternal came out to kick everyone in the thΓ³in, so I’ve been collecting ideas for my next story. Or should I say, collection of stories. Rather than doing a second book straight away, I been plannin’ a selection o’ stories based around Celtic punk. Featuring colourful characters to rival Treasure Island (hopefully), these ones should have ya turnin’ the digital page like a good ‘un. So stay tuned πŸ˜‰


40,000 streams on Spotify

Very happy to announce this! My music streams on Spotify are in good health, with the total at 40K and “Cate Maguire’s Polka” (the song from Folk Springs) responsible for about 75% of ’em. This is more proof o’ what months o’ hard work can do, and “you may lay to that”, as Long John Silver woulda said 😁 Not sure when my next tune will be up on Spotify yet, but I gotta keep this momentum going, and will.


Getting help

Last but not least, I need to build a mailing list. I been ignorin’ this shit for too long, and I’m more the foolish for it. The thing about having 4,916 things to do every day is that we can’t do it all on our own, can we? There just ain’t enough time in the day. So basically, I need some help. And I’m gonna find some, by a. finding someone who knows about buildin’ mailing lists, and b. getting ’em on board the Hispaniola! πŸ™‚ There’s a great book I’ve been introduced to by some fellow writer friends, called Who Not How. It’s written by a smart cookie called Ben Hardy, and masterminded by a lazy feck called Dan Sullivan who didn’t write one word of it (only joking Dan, love ya really). What the book teaches us is how to avoid what them good-for-nothing landlubber teachers taught us in school. “Asking others for help is cheating.” Now that might ‘ave applied in the classroom, ye ken, but in the adult world it don’t, baby. NEVER, and I mean NEVER, be afraid to ask others for help. People like helping. They might even work for a low fee, or be prepared to do it for free in return for some favour.

Valuable lesson there.


So what now?

I’ll be back, as the great Austrian said, before the end o’ the month. I’ll be bringin’ ya me usual quarterly Seasonal Spotlight post. Be sure not to miss that, as I’ll be showcasin’ more o’ the finest in folk-punk music. Only question is: who will it be? πŸ˜‰


Until next time, mateys!

Andy x


P.S. Robert Louis Stevenson, author of Treasure Island, was a heroic Scot if ever there were one. He battled his way through all sorts of health problems to write his seafarin’ masterpiece, and the rest o’ his work too. Maybe that’s why Long John was devised as such a formidable character, one-legged bastard or not.